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Business Plans

DWHB CONSULTING offers creating business plans and adjoining services. You may benefit significantly from using our services if you are:

  • A Start Up
  • An Existing Small Business
  • About to embark on a Restructure / Joint Venture / Merger or Acquisition
  • Preparing Businesses for Investors, Finance or looking to Sell
  • Running but stuck on where or how to improve, grow or adapt

Also if you:

  • Have an idea for a business but want to validate how it could work
  • Want to Bring your ideas to life
  • Want to Maximise your chances of success
  • Need to Reshape, redesign, realign your business
  • Want to Take your business to the next level

You want a full business plan bespoke and customised to your requirements. In addition to getting the plan into a document, best practices, strategies and options will become apparent as the way forward, and also the plan itself will become the map to move forward.

A comprehensive business plan proposed to revamp any existing plan or create a new one from scratch. Especially relevant with recommendations, execution strategies, projections and all the aspects you would expect from an MBA perspective. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” (Winston Churchill / Benjamin Franklin). In addition to simply having a plan, what goes into the plan can make all the difference. Also, your business plan can be used for keeping the operations on track, applying for grants, finance, business partners and investors.

Other Services

We don’t do other services, we just do business plans. When all you do is business plans, you get pretty good at them.

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Q: If I get my business plan done with DWHB CONSULTING is there any ongoing costs?

A: No.

Q: Can I edit and change my plan later myself?

A: Yes. You will be given the word document and PDF of your business plan to constantly adjust as you please.

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